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    With this book, Jordi Puig suggests us a visual trip based on a systematic search of the touristic image; an image that was broadcast through the postcards of the 60s and 70s, in order to identify the imaginary which, in the context of those years, we used to promote the Costa Brava and our country.

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    The book Claudi Casanovas. Ceramics, 1975-2015, goes through forty years’ work of one of the most innovative contemporary ceramic artists today. Internationally recognized, his powerful pieces have always tended to a monumental character, without losing a very personal insight along the way.  Text Eva Vàzquez Photography Jordi Puig 220 × 260 mm 336 pages...

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    Rafael Masó's work as an architect not only involved the conception and design of buildings, but also pervaded every corner of the house. This book reaffirms and provides new information on Masó’s enormous interest in introducing to Catalonia the modern concepts of decoration he had learned from central Europe. Text: Josep Casamartina i Parassols, Rosa...

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    This book shows us the interior of nine houses designed by architect Rafael Maso Valenti (Girona, 1880-1935) throughout his career, from 1907 to 1932. This overview proves that one of the most innovative aspects of the work by Maso was his concept of design and home decoration. Text Jordi Falgàs, Mariona Seguranyes and Sílvia Alemany. Photo Jordi Puig...

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    This book is about the commemorative medal, a work of art so small and discreet that fits the palm of one's hand. It contains on its surface the author's artistic expression and the manufacturer's technical skill.

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    A hundred years ago, Athenea was born in the city of Girona, one of the most modern and innovative cultural projects of its recent history. A space for art, architecture, music, dance and literature. The book Athenea 1913: el temple del Noucentisme talks about the buildings' history and the activities carried out.

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